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3 Counterintuitive Ways to Accelerate Your Success

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Success always seems to be playing hard to get, isn't it?

Whether it be a major business goal you have or finally finding that woman to spend your life with, finding your way to that mountain top can be a real pain in the ass.

You know why?

Because most of us are running around...

Reading the same books.

Watching the same videos.

Listening to the same podcasts.

...all in an effort to rise above the average men we think we're competing with.

But when we're all applying the same methods to create our version of success, we ironically steer ourselves back into the pack instead of separating ourselves from it.

So, how about a fresh take?

3 simple ways to truly put some space between you and the competition (in a good way, of course).

You game? Cool. Let's rock.

  1. Stop Reading Every Book on Entrepreneurship I know, I know. You've learned a ton from the books that you've read and the wise people who've written them. But there's this weird thing that happens when we read a few valuable books: we begin to chase the next nugget of information instead of using the stuff we've learned and allowing it to change our lives. As an author myself, I won't try to tell you to stop reading books altogether. But by becoming addicted to the next best thing or the next trending title, you get caught in a vicious cycle that keeps you thinking that there are better answers out there than the ones you already have. You already have and know enough to be successful. Use and trust the tools that you have and allow it to evolve who you are.

  2. Move More From Your Heart Than Your Head You're a guy, so you're likely a logical human. And it's even more likely that you've been trained to believe that your brain is more valuable than your heart when it comes to making big decisions. But that's a lie. Your brain is a collection of your past. It's a huge melting pot of experiences and lessons you've learned. It's a filing cabinet of everything you are sure of...from your very limited human experience. So when you look forward and try to create something new, by relying on your brain, you're counting on something built off the old. Your heart, though? That's a whole new world. That's where innovation lives. Your heart is ready for the exciting adventure that will actually lead to something new and expansive. It's not trapped by the memory of all the things that have gone wrong in your life. It's just ready for the next evolution. So lean on it more than you do that rickety old head of yours.

  3. Be Open to Losing it All The title said counterintuitive right in it, didn't it? Just hear me out. Your ability to get more out of life is directly correlated to your openness to losing it all. Take romantic relationships for instance. Your deepest love will only be found when you hand over your heart and tell her, "Here you go, break it if you must. But I'm trusting you with this thing." You openness to being crushed creates a vulnerability that deepens the bond between the two of you. You don't have to expect or worry that you'll get your heartbroken, but you have to be open enough that it's a possibility. This same idea applies to all forms of success. Your openness to failing actually increases your ability to succeed. Be open to being broke. Be open to stumbling through your business. Be open to failing miserably. Because then you will actually have a shot at rising above the mediocre masses and having everything you've ever wanted.

So there you have it, three easy ways to fast track your success starting...

Well, as soon as you stop chasing the next hot take and just implement this stuff.

Enjoy, men.

If you need any help with this stuff, I'm always here for you.


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