Courses/Programs for Men

Once upon a time, you were born. That I'm certain of (decent bet since you're here reading this).

Some day off in the future, you will die. That I'm also certain of.

To many objective observers, your life will be earmarked by those two days. Someone who doesn't know you will judge your life by how many days were counted between the first date and the last date on your tombstone.

"Wow, this man lived for 97 years. What an incredible gift."

"Oh my, this man only lived until he was 43. I wonder who he left behind..."

"This young boy only lived to see 12. How tragic."

Someone who never knew your name will calculate the years you lived on this planet and only have that to estimate you from.

But the people that know you, love you, and are led by you...

Will know you less by the day you came here or the day you left,

And more by what you did and who you were in between those days.

That is what I'm here for.

To ensure that who you are and what you do while you're here is celebrated and revered.

The following courses and programs are aimed at doing just that:

Giving you the tools to be The Man in your world.

The man who accesses his unique power.

The man who masters his masculinity and fosters her femininity.

The man who ignites intimacy in his marriage instead of begging for it.

The man who can communicate and connect with the people he cares for.

The man who isn't just trying to build a legacy, but actively living a legacy.

Invest in one course, a bundle of them, or dive deep with some high level 1:1 coaching.

Take a look at what each program has to offer, decide who you want to be, then make your decision from that place. As the man who you want to be. Step boldly forward as THAT guy, and watch everything unfold for the best.


The Alpha Accelerator

A course designed to give you the keys to your inner kingdom and a roadmap to your own revolution.


Intimacy Ignition

A course created to lead you back to your partner, spark the flame, and keep it burning hot for years to come.

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Mastering Masculine,

Fostering Feminine

A course giving you an in depth look at the dynamic and energy running the show for you AND your relationship. Master this and all things improve, guaranteed.

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Clear and Connected Communication

A course guiding you through the fundamentals of healthy, loving, and growth oriented communication in your relationship.

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