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Moving Past Mediocre

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You wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, or even the President of the United States.

When you were a kid your mind ran wild with imagination, daydreaming about all that you would accomplish and how amazing life would be.

But at some point, the large life that you felt destined to live simply shrunk.

It’s been minimized by experiences that have left you jaded, limitations that you’ve perceived, and people around you telling you to, “be realistic.”

The sky that you once thought to be the limit has been replaced by a painfully claustrophobic ceiling.


There’s more life to be lived, and there’s a part of you that knows it.
Whether it be in life, love, health or feel like you’re missing something. Like you overslept on the day they were handing out all the rules to success and fulfillment and missed your chance to grab a copy. You feel trapped by a life that you didn’t sign up for, and crave the wide open space of possibility and potential that a younger you once knew.

This book is the guide that will open your world back up and allow you to truly live life on your terms. In these pages you will find:
• The unseen patterns of your mind that have caused you to run in place for years.
• The foolproof methods to bring those patterns into the light and have your way with them.
• A way to navigate your life with awareness once you’ve uncovered the obstacles that previously stood in your way.

You weren’t given a pulse and a heartbeat to waste on a life that you merely exist in. You are here to smile big, laugh loud, and love hard. You are here to make a lot of money with your natural set of gifts. You are here to create something that you are left in awe of.
This book is the pathway to all of that.
This book is the key that will unlock your mind to what’s possible.
This book is for people who accidentally stumbled into a mediocre life—and are ready to move past it.

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