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The belief Cycle Training
Growth is never a constant line with an upward trajectory. You’ve likely had your fair share of obstacles and plateaus as you’ve evolved over the years (there will be more to come). But rather than banging your head against that glass ceiling you have, walk through the steps here and implement the exercise that follows the video to truly shake things up and rise above your current station in life.
Step 1: Watch this video.
Step 2: Take a look at the current results you have in the major areas of life and investigate the belief you currently hold that has led to that result. Here are some examples that may resonate with you. Use them as needed, but do the work to look at your own current results and what beliefs have been at play.
Current Beliefs Info.png
Step 3: Get tuned in to the result that you actually want. Don't play small here, just write down whatever you desire for each area of life listed, then think of what belief you need to begin with so that your expectations and actions will generate that result over time. Here are some examples:
Desired Beliefs Info.png
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