Hi, I'm Nick Matiash. I help men create more profit in their pocket and more presence in their home by way of self-mastery.


I'm a husband, father, author, and leader of heart centered, purpose driven men. I began my own journey of self-improvement when I met my wife, just trying to become the best man I could for her and the kids we would one day (and now luckily) have. The rabbit hole that her love sent me down gave me the gifts to help support you in your journey of self-discovery and evolution. I help men move from their heads to their heart in life, love and business every day. I've got the edge you're looking for. Let's chat.


Work With Me.

One on one.

I offer high level one on one coaching to husbands, fathers, or any man looking to grow themselves or their business. This level of support is intimate and crafted in a way that creates a life that you can't possibly imagine in this moment. Having my energy and guidance in your back pocket will make you bulletproof in your pursuit of your best life.

The Evolved Man Membership

My men's membership program, The Evolved Man, will be your playground of personal power. With live coaching and support from me on a weekly basis AND a community of incredible men like yourself walking through the process with you, this group is the most valuable vehicle of transformation on the market.


"Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. "

Neville Goddard